from Myself

It’s hard living as a transgender person in a world where harassers roam free. But I live as myself, regardless of everyone else’s standards.

I am Alex.  I am into video games and card games and the usual thing for a nerdy, 16-year-old boy. But on top of that, I am transgender. I was born with this female body. But in mind and emotion, I am fully male. I don’t see it as that big of a deal, but unfortunately others do.

Being trans in high school has to be one of the toughest things because on top of academic responsibility, your social life needs to be looked over. I believe this goes for everyone. But it’s exceptionally hard to deal with when people can’t just accept you for who you are. According to society, abnormal just isn’t right, and though I don’t do anything to purposefully make anyone upset with me, I am still dealing with a lot of harassment. My other trans friends say that’s why they didn’t come out in high school.

Aside from my friends, my belief system helps me get along, despite everything that is happening to me. I do not believe in fake people, and acting like a girl and dressing like one would make me fake.  It’s just not me. So, despite the bullying and abuse, I am me. And that makes me incredibly happy. Anyone who can’t deal with that is weak and has no idea how great it is to simply embrace life.

No matter what you deal with, no matter how hard it seems, you have never lost yourself until you can’t flow with who you are.

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