Good Links

notaloneYou Are Not Alone

Reach Out features the “We Can Help Us” campaign which recognizes the power of stories of healing from people who’ve handled difficulties well.  Learn how to help a friend and see videos by people who’ve made it through tough times.

It’s All Right gives insight into what it’s like to have a mental health condition.  You can read stories about teens that dealt with their problems successfully, download fun stuff, or call a helpline.

Half of Us maintains that as many as 50% of young adults suffer from depression at some point.  Check your own emotional state, help a friend, and learn how to feel better.

The Lifeline Gallery is part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800 273-TALK.  The Gallery has recorded stories by people who have attempted suicide or who have lost a loved one to suicide.  Choose an avatar and record your own story! 

Active Minds helps to change the conversation about mental health to one of hope and positive change.

What a Difference a Friend Makes gives suggestions of how to listen and support a friend to who’s depressed or down.

bounceGet Bounce!

Ignite Sparks shows that when you can find even one thing you do well and are excited about, it can turn your life around by demonstrating that You Matter.

The Authentic Happiness site maintained by the University of Pennsylvania offers many surveys and questionnaires to help you determine and track your level of happiness.

At Positivity, psychologist Barbara Fredrickson gives tips to help you become someone who achieves the ideal positivity ratio of 3-to-1.  Take her quiz to see where you stand.

This link at People Prevent Suicide gives information about how to boost your own psychological hardiness by developing Commitment, Control, and Challenge.


Want to Feel Better?

Live Your Life Well gives concrete suggestions about how to deal with stress and feel better every day.

The University at Albany on-line screening program for depression and substance abuse can help you determine whether you need help.  Answer questions anonymously and get suggestions about how much help you might need.

Live Your Life Well online self-check has survey to measure the likelihood that you might be depressed.