Responding to Suicidal Behavior:

Help Them Get Help

If a friend tells you they are thinking of suicide, never keep it a secret, even if they ask you to. Even when you’re not sure. Do not try to handle the situation on your own.  You can be the most help by taking your friend to someone with professional skills to provide the help that he or she needs. You can continue to help by offering support and staying with them. Reassuringly suggest:

  • “Let’s talk to someone who really knows how to help. Let’s call the crisis line now.”
  • “How about we go talk to _______ (name a person) right now. I know you like them and they have helped others.” (Be specific, if you can, about how they could help)
  • “I’d like to go with you. I want to be there for you.”

Find someone to help

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