One person can help

While walking down the halls of school to my classes, I would constantly hear people saying rude things about me, like I was a ‘cutter’ or that I dressed weird.

For years and years, this beat down on my self-confidence.  Even when I was with a group of friends, I felt horrible. I spent a lot of classes crying silently or running out of the room. I felt best when I was at my house, without all the drama. Then, one day I had to stay home from school I felt so happy that day. I didn’t have anyone or anything to deal with.  I wanted everyday to be like this, but I couldn’t think of a way to stop going to school, except for killing myself, so I overdosed on drugs. 

But then I remembered something. I had one person who really cared about me. So I called her just to tell her I loved her. But the moment I heard her voice, I realized I couldn’t leave; she needed me. I told her what I had done, but I was about to pass out and later woke up in the hospital The next few days I felt sick and sad. Should I have gone through with it? Soon after that incident, I changed schools. After awhile, I felt more confident about myself, and I started making more friends. I then realized that because I wanted my life to be better, it was getting better. Just when I thought that everything was worthless, one day, one person changed everything.

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