Taking Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself keeps your mind and body primed and ready to deal with stressful situations.

Taking care of yourself can mean anything from paying attention to your own needs and feelings to helping others whose problems are more serious than yours.  It can mean finding the will to live well, engaging in activities that you enjoy and experience as relaxing.  It can mean slowing down and doing nothing at all for awhile.

Taking care of yourself means learning resilience—the ability to bounce back from tough times—and focusing more on your assets than your liabilities.  It means knowing that while you can’t always control the circumstances in your life, you do have control over how you interpret and respond to them.  It means developing a positive attitude and a sense of purpose.

If you are successful in taking care of yourself, it doesn’t mean that you will never feel stressed or anxious.   There may be times when you feel terribly unhappy—and that’s okay.  That’s life.   That’s why the skills you use during the bad times will be helpful even after the bad times are over.  They’re powerful skills for you to have every day.

Ideas for Surviving and Thriving:

Eat good healthy food: veggies, fruit, whole grains. strawberry

Too much sugar or caffeine can make you moody. Read more…

Get plenty of sleep.

Experts believe that teenagers need 9 to 10 hours of sleep at night in order to feel alert all day. Read more…

petRelease your endorphins.

Hug somebody, pet your pet, run.

Develop a Mantra

Come up with a phrase to calm you down or build you up, such as “I deserve respect” or “It’s going to be okay.”  Repeat often. Affirmations or mantras can change thought patterns.

Learn relaxation techniques

Whether it’s thinking of a favorite song when you’re feeling stressed or just taking a deep breath to calm down. Try yoga, tai chi or meditation.chi

Accept your feelings.

Appreciate the simple fact that you are human.

Write it down.

Avoid alcohol and other drugs. 

Although these appear to relieve tension, relying on them to cope will interfere with your judgment and endanger your health and resilience.

detourMove on.

Move out of relationships that make you feel unsafe or encourage unhealthy habits.

Google “stress busters”.

Notice and take pleasure in the positive things people say about you. 

You may not be able to identify your positive qualities but friends and trusted adults see you differently.

Do something nice for somebody else.

Sometimes its the best way to help yourself. Read more…

Stay present. 

When you find yourself stressing about past events or future concerns, focus on what matters right here and right now.

imperfactionEmbrace your imperfections. 

Remember that no one is perfect.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Appreciate the fact that you are doing the best you can with what you have.


Take care of your spirit. 

Spirituality can provide a sense of purpose, a way to understand suffering and connect with others. Read more…

Pump up your optimism. 

This doesn’t mean ignoring the meaner parts of life.  It just means focusing on the positive, looking for the best in a situation.

Find Others in Your Situation

If you are dealing with a particular issue, join a support group where you will find people who can empathize with what you’re experiencing, remind you that you’re not alone and inspire you with their successful coping.sing

Discover your talents and build on them. 

Join a club or get involved in an activity with people who have similar interests.

Cry it out. 

Some experts believe that crying is a great stress reliever.

Let go of the past.

Work up a sweat. 

Exercise is one of the best stress busters around. Read more…

Practice gratitude. 

“I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet.” – Chinese proverb.

Spend time with people of a different age from yours, a trusted adult or a child. 

Support from friends of all ages can ease burdens when life starts to feel difficult. Read more…

Get to know yourself. 

Know what’s good about you, what makes you unique.



Just breathe.